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“I feel like I have solidly become stronger, Snatch technique especially has improved and I have a healthier mental relationship with the sport after working with David.”

“To me Davids strongest attribute is their empathy. When they coach, whether it be from the highly individualized programs, or the frequent and prompt video feedback, you can really feel that they are motivated and invested in seeing you succeed and not from the perspective of someone trying to make a profit but from someone who genuinely cares about seeing the people they work with achieve their best. I honestly can’t say enough good things about their coaching, if anything they undersell themselves. David does a fantastic job understanding that people have lives and stresses outside of weightlifting and goes above and beyond what is expected to help them work through and reach their fullest potential.”

My peak athleticism and strength came when I was in high school football but always desires to get stronger. I’ve always struggled with following a program that I’ve found online or someone recommending it to me. When I started training with David I had some reservations on how it would go, mainly because of my previous history with working out. David was able to make learning digestible and fun. I was never over paced with my workouts and they never pressured me into working out more than what I had time for. Today I’m still achieving strength goals following David’s coaching and would recommend them to anyone looking to get stronger in a healthy and balanced way!”

Starting weightlifting after a career in rugby and a hip surgery, I couldn’t have been luckier to have David recommended. Atentative to what I needed and following through with goals I set myself and we set together. Having a coach that knows how to adapt programing after your personal needs is the key to thriving and I’ve done that. Highly recommend their coaching to both beginners and experienced lifters.”

Your’re the bestest frfr. You were super accommodating with the programming, which is super necessary since life is not static for us non-professional athletes. You gave lots of detailed feedback with videos. A lot of remote coaches will just have their athletes coach other athletes unless they pay out the ass. And if they do the feedback themselves, it’s like one a week. Although it could be tough to get the whole team in for zoom calls, the team meetings were a big help in developing that sense of community.”

David truly is passionate about being a coach has gone well above and beyond for me in the past. I really like the attention to detail and the explanation of why they program the things they do.”

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