About Us

Coach David Bayer – USAW-L2 NASM CPT Precision Nutrition L1

Welcome to Meta Weightlifting! You may ask yourself why “Meta” weightlifting? Well, it’s simple, META stands for Most Effective Tactic Available in gamer lingo. That is just what we strive for. We strive to find the most effective tactic to get from A to B (A being where you’re starting from and B being the goals you want to achieve).


As the coach of Meta Weightlifting I take your time and passion seriously.


What we offer to our athletes

  • Completely Individualized Programming
  • Expert Video Review
  • Nutrition Advice and Cutting Planning
  • Recovery Protocol Programming
  • Open Communication
  • Lifestyle Advice As It Pertains To Training

What makes me an excellent coach from my perspective: I have been Weightlifting since 2013, picking up Strongman in 2020 and Powerlifting in 2023. Through being a coach and athlete in multiple sports I have found my own methodologies and philosophies in how to approach coaching. I am fairly educated and utilize this knowledge to create approaches to get clients to their goals with as little turbulence as possible. Keeping you as a whole person in mind. I genuinely want you to have a good time while pursuing your goals in a way that is mentally and physically healthy for you. I have been training for a long time and I have had to go through many different chapters of my life. I have always continued my training throughout that time for better or for worse. I’d like to believe I have many lessons to share through the wisdom I have accumulated.

My name is David Bayer and I look forward to working with you!