About Bloom

Meet Bloom META’s Mascot

I’d like to introduce you officially to “Bloom”

Bloom was first conceptualized in the process of designing an AAPI inspired shirt by Jabo Nguyen. The goal was to create a character that was non-gender conforming that anybody could see themselves in or as.

They are canonically gender-fluid/queer. What this means is they can be masculine presenting or feminine¬†presenting without conforming to a gender. Their pronouns are they/them. If you accidentally refer to them as he/she they don’t mind but it’s not their preference!

The addition of Bloom is being done to project that META is an inclusive nonjudgmental space for anyone and everyone. And to remind us that strength isn’t just physical might but also in embracing who you are. I can’t think of a much greater feat than learning to express yourself fully and relentlessly. That to me radiates strength…

It will be exciting to see how Bloom continues to integrate into our brand and image. The logo designer Hamouda Baccar did an amazing job implementing Bloom into the logo concept!