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Welcome to Meta Weightlifting!

You may ask yourself why “Meta” weightlifting? Well, it’s simple, META stands for Most Effective Tactic Available. That is just what we strive for. We strive to find the most effective tactic to get from A to B (A being where you’re starting from and B being the goals you want to achieve).

What Do We Offer?

Completely Individualized Programming

Video Review

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Recovery Protocol Programming

Open Communication

Lifestyle Advice As It Pertains To Training

Competition Prep and Meet Coaching

Coach David Bayer

Coach David Bayer

USAW L2, NASM CPT, Precision Nutrition L1

 Hey, thanks for checking out META Weightlifting!

I started this club unofficially at the beginning of 2019 having but the feintest vision of what I thought it could become. I have been involved in the sport since 2013 and received my USAW L-1 around that same time. Since then I have also explored the sports of strongman and powerlifting. I have a well-rounded knowledge of strength training and I love to share that with others.

Outside of coaching I am also a graphic designer. I have done animations and/or video edits for popular channels such as Weightlifting House, 1Kilo (Wil Fleming), Zack Telander and Sika Strength. I also have done logo designs for a handful of barbell businesses. So chances are you have probably seen my work before!

My personal mission for META: I hope to create a healthy community that allows those who are a part of it to thrive. A community that is without judgement and envy. Full of individuals with different perspectives, talents, strengths and flaws. META is a place for expression that radiates kindness and acceptance. I would like META to challenge the traditional fitness and sport culture. Allowing individuals a new way to explore themselves through fitness and sport. Effectively changing the culture for better.

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